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Embarking on the journey of hair colouring prompts a crucial decision: salon colour or a home box dye. As hair colour specialists in Chelmsford, we clearly believe that salon colour is better and in this article, we will explain why. We will dissect the nuances of salon expertise versus the convenience of boxed formulas. 

Understanding the Differences

There are several differences between the dyed used by specialists and box dye. 

Composition of Box Dye

Box dyes, neatly stacked on drugstore shelves, boast pre-made formulas catering to a diverse clientele. However, these universal concoctions may harbour pitfalls, with set chemical amounts that can prove too harsh for specific hair types, leading to potential damage and over-processing.

Even if a box dye claims to be ammonia-free, it may contain salts, PPD and other chemicals. Direct contact with the scalp of your head can cause other health issues. Some doctors even advise that pregnant women should avoid hair dye and that box dye presents a cancer risk.

Salon Hair Colour

In stark contrast, salon hair colour is a bespoke creation, tailored for each client. The meticulous formulation takes into account nuances such as hair type, texture, and health. The result is a personalised experience that minimises the risk of damage.

Ammonia Content

As previously mentioned, one significant disparity lies in the ammonia content. Box dyes often contain this chemical, contributing to dry and brittle strands. Professional formulas, cognisant of these risks, frequently opt for ammonia-free alternatives to ensure a safe and nourishing colouring process.

At The Strand, our hair dye specialists start new hair colour clients with an in-depth consultation. We create bespoke colours using dyes that are ammonia-free, PDD-free and adjust the solution if there are any signs of damaged hair or scalp.

The Impact on Hair Health

We have all heard disastrous stories about using the wrong hair dye, unfortunately, most of those come from box dye. For the sake of saving some money using the wrong dye with the wrong hair can lead to life-changing consequences. 

Box Dye Consequences

The aftermath of box dye escapades can be daunting—strands left damaged, over-processed, and devoid of vitality. The chemical cocktail within these formulations, if not handled with precision, can lead to undesirable outcomes, compromising the health of your precious locks.

Salon Hair Dye Benefits

In the capable hands of a professional colourist, the impact on hair health is mitigated. A professional hair colour specialist will test products on your hair to avoid any adverse reactions. Through careful formulation, the potential for damage is minimised, and ongoing examinations ensure that your strands retain their vitality, even amidst frequent colour changes.

Techniques and Expertise

The application of colour involves an artistry and training that goes beyond mere dyeing. Techniques like foiling and balayage, in the hands of a professional, elevate the entire experience. Each cut is a thoughtful consideration of face shape, hair health, and the future care routine for the newly coloured tresses.

A box of colour lacks the intuition of a skilled colourist. The transition between shades, the lift from the previous colour, and the nuances of one’s hair are carefully considered by a professional. This personalised approach ensures not just a change in colour but a transformation that complements the individual.

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Why Honesty Matters

Honesty in the stylist’s chair holds paramount importance. If box dye has been used without the knowledge of your stylist, the consequences could range from prolonged appointments to the necessity of multiple visits. Transparent communication is the key to effective results.

Honesty as it allows stylists to navigate challenges with finesse. Your stylist isn’t concerned with your momentary dalliance with box dye; they merely want you to leave the salon feeling as gorgeous as possible. 

It is not about making people who have used box dye in the past feel bad, the most common reason to use box dye is that a colour specialist is more expensive. However, honest communication is about giving your stylist the information they need to cater to your hair’s unique needs.

Book a Hair Colour Specialist in Essex

Using a hair colour specialist provides the client with much more than a box dye ever could. It gives you a tailored experience that is only achievable with a professional, as well as preserving the long-term health of your hair. 

The Strand is a hairdresser in Chelmsford and Shenfield for men and women. We train other hairdressers in perfecting their craft for their clients and our hair colour specialists have years of experience in colour correction. 

We offer memberships for our clients to save up to 10% on all their colour services for a full year!

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