Have you ever been concerned about whether blow-drying harm your hair?

It’s commonly accepted that only straighteners harm hair because their high temperatures are used to straighten or curl it.

That is not correct.

If you’re not careful, any tool used on hair at high temperatures might damage it.

Healthy, attractive hair isn’t simply a question of washing, nourishing, and moisturising it. You must also pay close attention to how you blow-dry your hair, as after you see the results of home blow drying can sometimes leave you to think, is it worth it? But there’s more to it than meets the eye.

To begin with, you must grasp the structure of your hair: it has a tube-shaped shaft containing an inner cortex and an outer shield, which are held together by delicate proteins known as keratins.

Overheating can cause the outer cuticles to be damaged, allowing water to get trapped in the cortex and causing it to almost boil. This causes burning, stem weakening, and dryness.

This is one of the potential consequences of using a hairdryer incorrectly. Using the hair dryer appropriately might be more beneficial than letting your hair air dry naturally in the fresh air.

This is why when your hair is wet, it swells. The longer the swelling continues, the more pressure is applied to delicate proteins, which can be damaged.

Assume that a hairdryer does not harm your hair, but that its application is potentially harmful. Keep in mind that you must maintain a 10 to 15 cm distance between the tip of your nose and the nozzle.

Remember that for a better result and to safeguard the health of your hair, apply a heat protector before drying. This is a critical step that will allow you to obtain excellent results.

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